5 Skype Tips & Tricks for Every User

This is the every step including a guide for skype tips and tricks any users can use. You will get every know how about the same. This will be proven best knowledge for every user. You will read everything about this calling application.

Now as Skype is the part of Microsoft’s offering, it is more popular than ever. By merging it with Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft has widened the Skype’s usage to numbers.

However, if you are using Skype for just simple chatting or video calling, you are missing some powerful hidden features of Skype. Keep reading to  know all tips and tricks to use skype in a great way.

skype login

Must Know Skype Tips and Tricks:

So, here are the 5 useful tips for Skype users.

1. Signing Into Multiple Skype Accounts

If you owe more than one account in Skype, you can’t open both accounts at the same time. If you try to re-launch the Skype application, it will just bring your already opened Skype window in front.

So, if you want to use more than one Skype account at a time, say for an example one for personal use and another for your business, here is the hidden way to do that.

Open Run Dialog box by hitting Windows Key + R and enter following commands.

For 32-Bit user: – “C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /secondary

For 64-Bit user: – “C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe” /secondary

By hitting Ok, a second Skype window will be opened. You can use that window to log into your second Skype account. If you like to use it frequently, you can create a shortcut of the above command.

sign into multiple skype accounts4

2. Recording Skype Calls

Now, if you want to record some video calling, maybe of your business meeting or of some interview sessions or even if you want to record something for proof, there are hell lots of reasons you may have for opting to record a call.

As, Skype doesn’t have any built-in feature for recording the calls, you will have to use any Third-Party app that will do this job for you. The best application for recording Skype calls is MP3 Skype Recorder.

skype recorder

You can use this application to record any voice calls or video calls.

3. Use Screen Sharing

Skype also offers Screen sharing option to its users. With the help of it, you can share your Desktop with a Skype contact. This feature helps you in troubleshooting someone’s PC’s problem. You need no additional software to use this feature. Just hit the “+” button and select screen share while on call.

skype share

However, this ain’t a traditional remote access software, so you’ll not have any controls on the other screen.

4. Using Text-Based Chat Commands

If you have used IRC (Internet Chat Relay), you probably are aware of text-based commands. With Skype, you can use those chat based commands as well.

You can simply use many different text-based commands like /add command to add a Skype user to the chat, use /setpassword command to set the password for chat room, use /central command to give various permissions to different users in chat, use /kick command to kick someone out of the chat … actually there are hell lots of commands like all these, but Skype doesn’t support all.

skype chat commands

5. Delete or Edit Sent Messages

Yes, you can edit or deleted the sent messages in Skype if you ever typed out wrong. It happens to many of us that we hit enter before re-checking the typed words and eventually the sent messages act as the prime example of “Blooper”.

For this, you can use this feature. Simply right click on the message you want to edit or delete. And simply select Edit orRemove Message.

However, if the person on the other side has already seen the message, there is no way to delete or edit it out of their mind.

It has still many things under its hood to offer. This will be helpful to you for Skype Tips and Tricks for all users. If we are missing some main things, do let us know by commenting below. You can contact us for all your queries at theartofpixar

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