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How to Create Folder Files List Using Command Prompt

This is not a big deal that you can view and check all the available files within a folder in Windows. This guide will be helpful to you in How to Create Folder Files List with the help of Command Prompt. To check available files we have to just double click on the folder and Windows will show up all available files.

But problem occurs when you want to create a full list of available files in folders. I know now you are thinking that it will be not an easy one because you have to manually note them one by one in a text or in the document file. You will know about How to Create Folder Files List.

But there some other useful tricks and apps that can make this work so easy for users. Here I am going to review a few applications and tricks as well that will solve this issue within seconds.Command Lines Subfolders Trick 01

How to Create Folder Files List:

The first trick is you can create a list of available files within the folder using the command prompt. To do it just start the Command prompt (Use CMD command into the RUN Box to open the command prompt).

Once you are in Command prompt use CD command to navigate into the drive or directory where your folders are located. This will help you in Create Folder Files List. For example I have a Songs folder under G: drive and I will use the following command to list all the songs in output.txt file:

dir songs > output.txt

Now the above command will create one output.txt file in G: drive. You can open output.txt file and there will be the full list of files in well formated way. This will Create Folder Files List after following next step. You can use any name instead of output.txt like mylist.txt.create files list txt

Another way is to use GetFolder free software that lets you display the contents of a selected folder and generate the available files list with one click. This is all the process to Create Folder Files List.

You can also export the file list in different formats like TXT, HTML, CSV or XML format. There are lots of other features that makes this application very useful who have always some work with directories to Create Folder Files List

To generate a file list click on Save list as button and choose the file format. I hope You have Create Folder Files List using Command Prompt. GetFolder is portable application and you can carry them in pen drive. If you feel any issue while using the above tricks please comment below at theartofpixar.