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Remove or Customize Shortcut Icons in Windows 8.1

There is no rule or foundation for Customize Shortcut Icons or Remove in Windows 8.1 you can apply all types of tips and tricks if you are an expert. Today, I will discuss and review one freeware tool for Windows 8.1 shortcut icon.

You have probably noticed that Windows creates shortcut icon with one small arrow so that you easily recognize them while deleting items from any location like a desktop. Most of users don’t like big arrow icon on shortcuts as it does not look good at all and opt for Customize Shortcut Icons.

Unfortunately, there is no UI option to remove or change the shortcut arrow icon. Yes it is true that you can Customize Shortcut Icons via some other customization but it will not be an easy task and making changes in system registry. System files without knowledge might cause some unexpected errors.

windows shortcut arrow editor

How To Customize Shortcut Icons:

The other solution is to use freeware customization tool called Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor. This tool is very useful to remove arrow icon from shortcut with one click in safe way.

You can use this tool without installation and it gives results instantly without restarting the Windows. Just open this application and choose the setting that you want to apply. Clicking on any available option and it will automatically reload the Windows Explorer and apply new Customize Shortcut Icons within few seconds.

Available options are Windows Default, Classic Arrow, No Arrow and last one is Custom. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article that arrow icons look ugly so select the No Arrow icon that will hide the arrow icon from shortcuts.
windows shortcut arrow editor

I personally used this tool in my Windows 8.1 and it works great without any lag. You can check the image below before applying this tool in Windows 8.1.

Now check the same icons after applying this tool. In my opinion,  this second image looks better as compared with the previous one. You can also get the same result using this tool in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. It supports 32bit and 64bit of Windows version.

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