Muddle Up iPhone Keypad to Befuddle Intruders

You must be the user of iPhone. You might want to Muddle Up iPhone Keypad so that you can Befuddle Intruders. iPhone owners rely on their devices to shop, store credit card information and access secured websites. These devices have a place for everything and anything.

It is inevitable that you just end up storing your personal and confidential data in your smartphone or your tablet. The only thing between your data and prying eyes is a flimsy wall of security of a four-digit code. The only input you can give to make the situation better is setting up a complex passcode or increase the number of entry attempts to Muddle Up iPhone Keypad.

The fingerprint scanner and randomized keyboards have added a bit of greenery on the security horizon but they have yet to be implemented properly.


How to Muddle Up iPhone Keypad:

Though a jailbroken iPhone or tablet is more vulnerable as compared to a stock device but here is a tweak that is going to help you with the device’s security. The jailbreak tweak is called the CodeScrambler.

It doesn’t cost much so there is no way your pocket is going to be the one who suffers. Whenever you have to punch in the passcode to bypass the locked screen, it Muddle Up iPhone Keypad. This helps when the user punches in the password while potential intruders look on for a clue.

A jailbroken Apple device is a poem invitation to intruders and eavesdroppers but this is a great method to cleverly outwit them. Instead of getting an iPhone jailbroken for this security tweak, a better way would be to incorporate the CodeScrambler in the stock device by the company itself.

The Muddle Up iPhone Keypad may take more time than usual for you to enter the password but it’s hard to have challenge the additional security this tweak gives your device.

A tenacious hacker is easily going to guess your four-digit code and that too with simple smudges or fingerprints. iPhone, the pioneer of touch-screen devices gives itself away with a mere smudges or fingerprint.CodeScrambler

A Muddle Up iPhone Keypad:

When you enter the password, the smudges on the screen are going to tell the hacker what the four-digit password is. This is something which even the most top-notch technology cannot overthrow. Once the hacker is sure about the four digits that you are using in the password, the only effort he or she has to put in is to work his way through 24 combinations to bypass the locked screen and access the phone without any hindrance to Muddle Up iPhone Keypad..

There is no way of preventing this completely but you can increase the chances of an intruder not barging into your iPhone by using three unique digits. This is going to increase the number of combinations to 36.

Though it’s far from the perfect way to bluff any iPhone spy, this is nonetheless a good way to outsmart them by Muddle Up iPhone Keypad. You are highly likely to give hackers a good chance of accessing your personal data in your phone with this. If the screen arranges itself randomly every time you need to punch in the passcode to enter the iPhone in its unlocked state, a hacker can be thrown off the track completely.

Different sequences in which the keys lie are going to confuse the hacker and there is no way of guessing the four digit passcode with the help of smudges and fingerprints. The smudges are only going to tell the hacker where you have touched the screen – nothing more and nothing less.

You will make it and i hope you enjoyed Muddle Up iPhone Keypad information.Once you use this jailbreak tweak on your iPhone, even the simplest passcode becomes something of a challenge for any intruder or hacker. Even by mistake, the user will not reveal his or her password to the hacker.Feel free to contact us at theartofpixar

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