How to Setup Picture Password in Windows 8.1

You will be wondering about how to Setup Picture Password to protect it. This dedicated guide will help you will it. It will include step by step guide with its images to lead you better.

Up to Windows 7 , there was only single security option which user have to pass before logging into their Windows account and that is typing out their password. But in Windows 8, Microsoft has added some more sure way to login in Windows like Setup Picture Password and Security PIN.

Windows 8 users probably know that how they can enable picture password in Windows 8 but in Windows 8.1 the process has been changed  a bit. Here I will explain the way to enable Setup Picture Paasword security in Windows 8.1.

How to Setup Picture Password:

The given steps is guide to setting up passwords for your pictures.

1. Open the Charms Bar using mouse or keyboard shortcut (Win+C) key. In the Charms Bar Settings > Change PC Settings.

picture password windows8.1

2. In the 2nd step, Click on Accounts in PC Settings and then chooses Sign-in options.

picture password windows8.1

3. In the Sign-in options, you can see a different way to login in Windows 8.1. To enable Picture password to click on Add button under the Setup Picture password option. Many users will notify that Picture password option is enabled, it means you have not set any default password for the user. So first set a normal login password and then you will able to use Picture password option.

picture password windows8.1

4. Clicking on the Add button will open one new window where you have to choose your own picture first before creating a new pattern for picture password. Microsoft will also ask you to enter the password before making the new picture password.

picture password windows8.1

5. Once you select the picture for a password, click on Use this picture option and draw a password pattern on the picture. You have to create same Gestures three times to make sure you are not creating the same patter each time.

picture password windows8.1

6. Finally, click on the Finish button and you are ready to use picture password on Windows 8.1

picture password windows8.1

The next time you want to log into your Windows Account, you need to draw the same pattern you have set. However, if you forgot the pattern, you can also login by typing out the password manually.

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