Find Resource Eater Chrome Extensions Using Chrome Task Manager

The Chrome is a most popular internet browser and Therefore, you might want to use Chrome Task Manager to use it easefully. No one needs any description of its performance and stability as compared with other similar browsers.

As you know the default Chrome browser comes with minimal extensions and features but you can enhance the power of Chrome by installing Extension that is available for free at Chrome Web Store. You can get lots of extra features and increase its productivity by installing an extension but some extension are not too much useful because they hock CPU speed and too much memory as well.

After installing those extensions, you realize that extension that you wanted to use is not that friendly and slowing down your Chrome and computer as well. There is no direct way to find out hungry extensions but you can easily find them using the Chrome Task Manager. Probably, the Chrome Task Manager will be a new word for average Chrome users.

How to access Chrome Task Manager?

For those who don’t know about it, it is very useful to monitor Chrome activities. If you are not familiar with the Chrome Task Manager then here is the guide that will be very useful to find out the extensions that are not friendly for your PC.

  • Click on Chrome Menu and go to Tools
  • Under Tools Menu you can get Task Manager, click on that to open

chrome task manager 01

Under Task Manager, you can see lots of information like Memory, CPU, Network, Process ID and other. You can see in the image below that there is one extension called Alexa Traffic Rank using most of RAM memory.

If you are using the extension then there is no issue. But in case you are not using the installed extension then you can select the extension and click on End process to stop the extension process to free up some task manager 02

After hitting the end process button, you can also disable or remove the extension permanently from Chrome browser. This is the best way to have a control over the extension that you are using task manager 03

In the same way, you can check extensions for CPU uses and end the extension in the same way. You can also click on Task Manager information titles Colum to show the value low to high and vice versa.

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