Set Your Own Color to Windows 8.1 Logon Screen

Windows 8.1 Release Preview is available in our hand with lots of new features and updates. You can now Set Your Own Colors to Windows 8.1 which have the Lagon Screen. Microsoft tried to complete all the features that were missing in Windows 8 version.

They have also add options to give some more power to Windows 8.1 to customize the Windows 8.1 personalize settings. Apart from them again Microsoft left one important feature that Windows 8.1 users not able to change Logon screen color and it comes with default blue color. Now you can Set your Own Colors on windows Screen,

The logon screen works between Lock Screen and Start Screen which show user account picture and field to enter the password. I want to know the users who like to Set your Own Colors on Windows. Its own way don’t like its default blue color and change it to another desired color.

How to Set your Own Colors on Windows Screen:

Here is one simple application called Start Screen Color Tuner that works only for you. It can change Windows 8.1 logon screen color with one click and you can use it without installation.


As you can see application have only few options and you can change your logon screen color within few seconds. and you will be Setting your Own Colors

After downloading start the application and you will able to see the current color that are applied on logon screen. To change the current logon screen color with new one click on Logon Screen color label and select a color from newly open dialog box Select a color. and you are ready to Set your Own Colors.StartScreenColorTuner

Once you select the color Windows UAC will prompt for apply new color settings into Windows registry, you should allow them otherwise app will not work.

After applying the new color settings, logout with current user and you will see new color now appearing on logon screen instead of default blue color. Start Screen Color Tuner works for 8.1 in both 32bit and 64bit version.

I hope this post helped you with the latest content of it. You will be able to Set your Own Colors on Windows 8.1 Lagon Screen with this guide. You can write to us about your opinion on this post at theartofpixar

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